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 [EN] Guild Rules

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PostSubject: [EN] Guild Rules   August 21st 2014, 01:22

Guild Rules

In guild ... 
- First are members and the rest; 
- Not accept beggars and cuddly; 
- All members who can participate to Castle Siege event, must attend!; 
- Not accept player that will only benefit; 
- Absences longer than a week is announced; 
- Everyone is required to read the rules and comply with them; 
- Teamwork is mandatory; 
- Not offend, do not swear and not fight guildmates; 
- We do not do ourselves justice (Guild Master and Assist. justice in guild / alliance); 
- Do not PK or KS each other; 
- Any problem you have, report to Guild Master or Assistant Master; 

Know that... 
- If you need indications about the game, ask on guild or forum; 
- Who leave the guild, will not be accepted back; 
- Who is thrown out of the guild, will not be accepted back;
- Not allowed to have characters in other guilds, all characters must be in DragonS alliance; 

Rules in party: 
- If fellow guild(guildmate) has more than 8 resets, you are not obliged to give party; 
- If fellow guild(guildmate) has less than 330 level, you are not obligated to give party; 

Additional tips: 
- Especially in Blood Castle, Devil Square and Castle Deep try not to do KS, avoid; 
- On server if possible try to avoid arguing, PK, KS and other things that bring ashamed guild; 
- Before asking for help - help; before claim - offer; 
- Do not use CAPS LOCK to write; 
- Respect and you will be respected! 

Failure regulation lead to sanctions followed by exclusion from the guild!

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[EN] Guild Rules
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